album number 2


tunnel back

1. The Donkey Song
*2. Hiroshima
*3. Tunnel
4. A Quick Word From Alyosha33
5. The Whaler
[51 min]

cd in four-panel cardboard wallet + 12 page booklet featuring artwork by lela shields, photography and layout by paul prestipino
AUD $20

"a kind of gut-bucket folktronica that is all the more remarkable for its exquisite lyricism" - jocelyn clarke, the irish times

"dark ballads of the 19th century" - romeo castellucci

"we're just returning back to earth after one of the best tracks we've heard this year.. an absolutely outstanding album" - rtrfm

"a distinct and involving world of sound.. with an acoustic troubadour integrity.. immensely moving" - drum media

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o-t-d#2 (A.P.E)
sound installation
vca gallery, melbourne opens 8 OCT 2015

beautiful one day (ilbijerri theatre)
original music and sound design
brisbane festival 23-26 SEP 2015
palm island spring festival 5 SEP 2015
southbank centre, london, 24-25 JUN 2015

origin-transit-destination (australian performance exchange)
sound artist
casula powerhouse, sydney 10,12,14 MAR 2015

clubsingularity (theatre kantanka)
co-devisor, sound artist, performer
performance space, sydney, 21-24 MAY 2014
campbelltown arts centre, 16-17 MAY 2014

beautiful one day (ilbijerri theatre)
original music & sound design
arts house, melbourne 26NOV-1DEC 2013
belvoir, sydney 17NOV-23DEC 2012

the vehicle failed to stop (version 1.0)
co-devisor, original music (live)
carriageworks, sydney, 15-26 OCT 2013
sydney theatre company rough draft #10, 11 JUN 2011

the disappearances project radio adaptation (abc radio national)
producer, director, composer
abc radio national 4 AUG 2013 8PM

the disappearances project (version 1.0)
co-devisor, composer
judith wright centre for contemporary arts, brisbane 3-7 JUL 2012
state theatre centre of w.a. 26-30 JUL 2011
carriageworks, sydney 3-7 MAY 2011

arboreal pleasures (katia molino) - sound artist
campbelltown arts centre NOV 2011

jack (societas raffaello sanzio)
original music with robbie avenaim, jim denley, veren grigorov, laura tanata (live)
campbelltown arts centre 17-19 FEB 2012

buried city (urban theatre projects/ sydney festival)
original music & sound design
belvoir, sydney 9JAN-5FEB 2012

duo with matt rosner supporting the necks
the bakery, perth 26 JAN 2011

a distressing scenario (version 1.0)
sound artist
belvoir, sydney, 26NOV-19DEC 2010

solo set - 1/4 inch, wollongong 27 OCT 2010

solo set - the basement, sydney 20 JUL 2010

solo set - fremantle arts center 18 JUL 2010

solo set - rosemount hotel, perth 24 JUN 2010

schoolboy play (roman paska) - sound design and live mix
national theatre of portugal, lisbon 28-29MAY 2010

solo set - arlene's grocery, new york city 16 MAY 2010

"TUNNEL" (Beka's spiel)

Paul Prestipino has an orchestra in his head. No, make that two, four, six orchestras. Maybe more. If you don't believe me, listen to the first track of his album Tunnel. "Donkey" grabs hold of your ears and pulls you into an audio landscape that is both strange and familiar. Sounds of the world we inhabit: dirt roads, cicadas, birdsong, hooves. All this with an insistent beat and melody line that make it all sound effortless. Add to this that seductive voice telling the story of a man meeting a sober Ass ("Ass" in the biblical sense, thank you very much) and having a conversation about love, life, the universe and everything.

Maybe Prestipino has been reading too much Nietzsche.

Or maybe several years of recording and condensing his misspent youth into this first album has produced something you will want to listen to over and over again. Just what is that donkey going on about again? And what are those French schoolchildren saying? And the man in Union Square, New York City, in the days following 9/11?
It all leaves you gasping: Who is this guy?


Some facts for the fact lovers among us:
1. Prestipino was born in Perth, Western Australia.
2. He started as a drummer, moved on to multi-instrumentalist and soundtrack designer for experimental theatre.
3. He took a number of years to make Tunnel because of a deep commitment, bordering on obsession, about using his own field recordings.
4. He worked as a farmhand in Italy, castrating pigs in the mountains of Sicily in between mixing sessions for this record. He thinks that's inappropriate information for a press release.
We don't.

There are layers to this Tunnel. Take your time. Start with the art by the extraordinary Lela Shields. Consider Prestipino's photographs: snow on a Sicilian road. Read the lyrics; try not to think too much. You are in good hands.

- rebecca chace, 2008

paul prestipino

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